Tamara Montenegro

Tamara Montenegro, hails from Nicaragua, where she's been among the pioneers of the electronic music scene and for many years the country's only female DJ and producer. Her multicultural sounds and repertoire has been released on various international labels such as Lump Records, Subtrak, NOSI Music, Stark Future, Future is Now, Re:Tune, and most recently releasing her own Heart in Nature label. She is label manager of The Roots Project Records, an intercultural regenerative label that contemplates exposing the traditions and ancestral cultures of indigenous groups from all over the world. 

As a restless nomad and journeyer her work is sprinkled with multicultural elements, weaving in a plethora of sounds in to build sets that tell fabulous stories. Her sets have been known to roar the crowds into an often cathartic and ceremonial trance. Infusing her music with intention and purpose, she feels more like a spiritual server for her human family than a performer. Tamara moves through different disciplines within the field of sound: soundart, soundtrack composing, field recording and psychoacoustic research. She understands the power of music to bring about social development, healing, action and change and sees DJing as an act of urban shamanism.

Montenegro is a sound artist with a BSc. in Biology & Physics. Her work extends from acoustic research and design, performance, installation, sound spatialization, to soundtrack composition, sound design and djing. In 2014 she finished her thesis on psychoacoustics and the altering of time-space perception through sound for a Master in Sound Art at Universidad de Barcelona.

Her artistic work has been presented in ISEA2014 (International Symposium of Electronic Arts 2014)  Dubai and Abu Dhabi; CCEN (Centro Cultural Español en Nicaragua)Hangar – Barcelona, l’Estruch – Sabadell; CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona)Teatre Mercat de les Flors – Barcelona; MNAC (Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya)TEDxManagua 2012 ; Goethe Institute – Barcelona, Centro Cultural Pablo Antonio Cuadra – Managua, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo de Costa Rica (MADC) and Gráfica Génesis – San José, Costa Rica to name a few important ones.

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